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Metal Fabrication

Welders Supply is the premier supplier of welding equipment, safety supplies and industrial, bulk and specialty gases to the Metal Fabrication industry in and around Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana. Our team of experts create and manage long-term relationships with our metal fabrication customers, ensuring that downtime is minimized and on-the-job efficiencies are at their peak.

Construction & Piping

Welders Supply has been servicing the Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana construction and piping industries since 1948. We stock top quality name-brand welding, power, and handheld tools from makers like Miller, Fronius, Lincoln Electric, ESAB, Hypetherm, Milwaukee, DeWalt, and Metabo. Welders Supply’s team members have a deep knowledge of the construction and piping industry and can quickly provide you with the proper tools and safety equipment to get the job done right the first time.

Automotive & Transportation

When it comes to the transportation industry, Welders Supply is a leading provider of the industrial welding gases and supplies needed to ensure a top quality product. Our team can evaluate your processes to help you create the most efficient and precise welding system possible.

Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace and defense industry requires a level of welding expertise that is second to none. Welders Supply works to ensure our customers meet all rigorous government standards. Our aerospace and defense industry welding experts can provide the precise industrial, bulk/microbulk or specialty welding gas for your aerospace and defense industry application. We also provide aerospace and defense industry welding equipment and on-the-job safety supplies.

General Maintenance

Welders Supply’s team of experts have an average of over 15 years experience in the gas and welding industry. That means we’ve seen it all. Workers in the general maintenance field will find the gases, supplies and safety equipment they need for just about any application in their everyday tasks. We work with large and small operations alike. So, no matter the size of your job, you’ll find what you need with Welders Supply.


At Welders Supply, we take great pride in powering the industry that powers Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Welders Supply equips power plants with the tools they need to maintain their facilities and keep workers safe. Welders Supply’s representatives don’t just react to your needs, they anticipate them, ensuring minimal downtime and maximizing efficiencies around the plant.

Food & Beverage

Due to its close connection to the consumer, the food and beverage packaging industry requires gases and equipment that are of the highest standard and quality. At Welders Supply, we understand that our food and beverage customers need to be able to rely on products that do the job every single time. Welders Supply helps deliver food and beverages that are always safe, fresh, and delicious.

University & Research

University laboratories rely on Welders Supply to provide them with precise specialty gases that allow them to conduct the kind of research that can create lasting changes in our world. We supply universities and research institutions, and our specialty gas experts will work with your lab to provide the exact measurements you require.

Agricultural & Mining

Agriculture and mining brings employment, government revenues, and opportunities for economic growth and diversification. Our industry experts can provide the welding equipment and on-the-job safety supplies to ensure those opportunities.


Your chemical facility requires specialty welding gases and equipment that provide consistent and high quality results. Welders Supply’s specialty gas lab and distribution center in Louisville ensures you have what you need when you need it. We have over 20 years of experience in the field, and can create the precise mixtures you require. We are also highly trained on all the latest standards and requirements to ensure your chemical operation runs with efficiency and precision.


The manufacturing of many of today’s popular consumer electronics, including most flat-panel televisions, require the use of a host of specialty gases. At Welders Supply, we provide the electronics industry with precisely produced specialty gases. Our specialty gas experts work closely with customers to ensure precision and availability for just about any electronics industry application.

Environmental Testing

Welders Supply is a leading provider of specialty gases used for environmental testing in the power and manufacturing industries. Our Environmental Gas standards ensure environmental safety and meet Environmental Protection Agency regulatory requirements.

Medical & Healthcare

When it comes to patient care, you should never have to think about your gas supply. With Welders Supply, you won’t have to. From precision lung diffusion mixtures to tissue and blood transport and preservation, Welders Supply can support hospitals, surgery centers, dental offices, home healthcare companies, and more.