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Do you know what it costs to complete a weldment? Have you ever analyzed what factors influence welding costs? Would you like to be more accurate in quoting jobs? It’s time to look at and understand what goes in to the total cost of welding. Welders supply is here to help.

Many factors can influence the total cost of welding:
• General Shop behaviors
– Weld joint prep, Assembly, tack, fit up
– Positioning of parts / components
– Actual weld time -vs-total time
– Electrode change out, moving location, change settings, consumables
– Personal time for welders
– Cleaning, grinding, removal of assembly
– Stress relieving, inspection / NDT, re-work
• Physical Costs
– Power, electrodes / wire, gases, electric
• Operating Factors
– Process efficiency
– Welder efficiency
– Weld joint designs / volumes, and weld sizing
– Deposition rates
• Welder Training
– Visual & workmanship training
– Work instructions
– Weld Procedures (WPS)

The below chart breaks down where costs are associated. It is important to understand these areas and how changes can affect the outcome. They are not a 1:1 ratio. In other words, if you save 10% in labor costs, you would get 8.5% factor in savings. If you save 10% in shielding gas costs, you would return less than 1% factor in savings.

Welders Supply is here to assist you in identifying productivity solutions in order to optimize your welding process.

Some of these may include:
• Reduce cycle time & Arc-on time
• Improve operator factor
• Increase deposition rates / travel speed
• Minimize rework
• Eliminate unplanned downtime
• Understand bottlenecks
• Kaizen events that eliminate activities not adding value
• Implementing Lean manufacturing techniques

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