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Have you ever thought about Magswitch? What is Magswitch? A magnet with an on / off switch! A full line of magnetic tools that are changing the way you work.
Magswitch welding & fabrication magnets are engineered to drive productivity for professional welders and fabricators. Large sheet leveling, sheet de-stacking, fixturing, weld grounding, mounting, work holding, positioning, fitting and many more applications are performed significantly faster with Magswitch products.
All Magswitch welding & fabrication magnets feature the true ON and OFF capabilities creating a platform that is more efficient, faster, safer and easier! Common applications include steel positioning, sheet leveling, angle fixturing, mounting, grounding, latching etc.

Magswitch products are green technology utilizing the enduring power of rare earth magnets with low energy consumption. Here are just a few advantages
* Reducing downtime and increase speed for fixturing and material handling.
* Magnet can turn completely on and off.
* Magnet stays clean.
* Holds flat and round surfaces of steel shapes.
* 100% duty cycle “Magnet can stay on forever”.
Magswitch tools can be used in a wide array of applications. These magnets can make utilizing jigs and fixtures faster and easier. Position your steel for the perfect angle. Sheet stacking, leveling, mounting, even grounding. It makes it possible to work faster without a lot of nuts and bolts.
Magswitch saves you time and money by changing the way things are done! The uses for Magswitch products are only limited to your imagination.

Magswitch has evolved from manufacturing magnet tools to engineering innovation
Technology to increase Safety, Productivity and Speed in industries such as Welding, Fabrication, Automation, Manufacturing and more.

So if you or your people in the shop or in the field need an extra hand think about Magswitch

If you would like to see a demonstration of some products please contact your Account Manager or Welders Supply.