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Do you know how many cylinders you have out? Do you know how long you have had them? Are you concerned with the accuracy of your cylinder rental statement? Are you certain that if a cylinder on your account is returned, no matter by whom, that you will get credit? Would you like the ability to identify slow moving cylinders or surplus stock?

Cylinder tracking systems, such as our Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM) system, can help answer these questions. ACM utilizes barcode scanning technology to track cylinders in real time by barcode and cylinder serial number. This type of management results in reduced errors and precise record keeping of cylinder balances.

ACM is invaluable for contractors where cylinders can reside at multiple locations. Often, cylinders can easily be taken or mixed up when multiple contractors are working at a job site. Our ACM tracked cylinders can be traced back to the original customer. This provides assurance that you will receive credit to your cylinder balance when the cylinder is returned even it a different contractor ended up with the cylinder.

All Welders Supply customers have access to their cylinder balances through our customer portal, myweldaccount.com, and can see cylinder balances by barcode and gas type for all sites. Access is there for vital information including delivery confirmation, cylinder balances, packing slip copies, re-orders. You can even pay invoices. Access our customer registration portal at www.myweldaccount.com and start tracking today!

So, do you know where your cylinders are? We do, and we want you to know too.