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Food grade CO2 is essential for microbreweries, bars, and restaurants to provide quality beverages, perfectly poured every time. Your favorite sodas and beers require a precise blend of the right gases for a superior product.

CO2 and Nitrogen are gases commonly found in beer and other beverages. These gases create the carbonation in your drinks—nobody likes a flat beer! They also provide the pressure to push beer from a keg and into your glass. Great taste and appearance are essential, so it’s important to maintain the right balance; over or under carbonating can damage your product.

Two key components are at work in any beverage system:


Maintaining a specific temperature is critical for quality and optimal profit margins. Zero waste is the goal of any legitimate beverage system. If a keg is too cold, it will become flat over time and make it difficult to achieve that perfect head of foam. If too warm, the beer can become too foamy and lead to profit loss or overpour. Between pouring foam down the drain to not getting all of the beer out of the keg, up to 8% of a keg goes to waste.


Pressure changes as the temperature changes. Colder temperatures require less pressure and when kept constant, the liquid will absorb more CO2. Warmer temps require more pressure to keep the same amount of gas in the solution. Some beverages may need more pressure if traveling a farther distance. In these cases, nitrogen and CO2 mix to achieve that extra push. Depending on the style of beer (e.g., stout, lager, ale)—systems use a different mix of gas to maintain a precise level of CO2 for a specific taste profile. A stout, for example, requires more nitrogen and less CO2. Whereas an ale, will require the opposite.

There are many components to properly maintain a beverage system. Consult with a professional beverage carbonation provider to ease this stress, allowing you to focus on your business and customer needs.

Did you know? Welders Supply delivers gas locally! We provide CO2 beverage solutions for any business. Our programs offer a variety of different sized cylinders for pickup and delivery, or replace your cylinders with an 100% stainless steel permanently installed Bulk CO2 system—monitored and filled regularly.

Contact our Beverage Gas Specialist today to schedule your evaluation!

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