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Food & Beverage Gases

  The perfect pour every time.

   “Other companies may leave you high and dry, but not welders supply!”

We offer food grade CO2 in cylinders that come in a variety of different sizes. This helps guarantee a superior final product since it is carbonated by a clean gas that, by preparation and analysis, does not have any taste or odor. Local microbreweries, restaurants, and taverns prefer the reliability and convenience of a local beverage gas supplier, like us.

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Welders Supply and Gases is the leading local provider for Nitrogen and CO2 in Louisville and surrounding areas. We are committed to providing the best customer service possible, and we’re confident if you ask our customers, they’ll tell you we keep our word.  Through telemetry technology, we can monitor your gas levels and fill them as needed—so you never run out. Welders Supply can also deliver dry ice for production, storage, and transportation of food and beverages. 

Bar and Restaurant Solutions 

Have you considered converting to a bulk system for your beverage gas needs? Bulk provides a continuous, maintenance free solution. Bulk CO2 systems provide a wide range of high capacity, high flow rate beverage grade systems from the smallest brew pub, on up to full-scale breweries. Brew Pub & Micro Brews CO2 & N2 information

Beverage Gas Cylinders

In today’s busy food service world, you don’t always have the time or manpower to change high-pressure cylinders when you run out of CO2. When your fountain systems go down and the OUT OF ORDER sign goes up, high margin profits disappear. Not to mention angry customers. 

There is an affordable solution — the Carbo Series bulk CO2 system. The Carbo Series tank is a low-pressure, permanently installed bulk CO2 system that is connected to an outside wall box. Your bulk CO2 supplier routinely tops off your tank — eliminating CO2 outages so you can focus on customer sales at lunch rush rather than gas inventory. 

Custom Blends and Mixes

  • Beer gas mixes
  • Specialty mixes

With the perfect blend, your beverages will pour perfectly every time. 

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