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Many are unaware that the month of April has significance for the welding industry dating back to 1996 when it was declared National Welding Month by The American Welding Society (AWS). April was designated to bring awareness to the welding industry, recognize its members, and highlight career paths. Most of all it’s to celebrate and appreciate the profession that has contributed so much to the development of our society.

Many people don’t realize how involved welders are in the structures we see every day. The construction of buildings, bridges, aircrafts, stadiums, and space stations all require the teamwork of multiple welders.

Let’s take a look at the welding industry & career outlook, and some ways you can help spread awareness.

Welding FAQ

Is the welding industry still growing?

The demand for welders is steady and growing. The AWS projects 336,000 new welding professionals will be needed by 2026, with 84,000 jobs filled annually.  Because there is such a wide scope of industries that require welding, the need for skilled welders is always in high demand.

Welders, cutters, solderers, iron & steel workers, sheet metal workers, and boilermakers will all be needed in the coming years. This is especially true considering 150,000 welders are approaching retirement. The welding field is open to anyone and everyone. As of today, women make up only 5% of the welding workforce and are encouraged more than ever to join the welding field. Women working in the field today recommend learning as many techniques and metals as possible to become a valuable asset. More women welders will pave the way for future generations to come.

Are there a variety of career options in the welding field?

Absolutely! A career in welding can take you in many different directions in manufacturing, fabrication, construction, and the automotive industry. There is a path that is sure to interest anyone.

There are a number of different ways to break into the industry. Technical & community colleges offer programs, certificates, and degrees that can be earned in as little as 7-12 months. Apprenticeships are also a great way to break into the industry and learn the trade. Apprenticeships can take longer, but you’re learning valuable on the job training from an experienced welder. Whatever you choose, be proud knowing you are about to enter a world of technology, opportunity, and advancement.

How can I help raise awareness?

There are plenty of things you can do to help observe and promote National Welding Month:

  • Learn how to weld! Learning a new skill is always fun and it could lead to a new career path or simply just a new hobby.
  • If you already know how to weld, teach someone else
  • Share your welding projects and accomplishments with others on social media
  • Advance your welding training to the next level with continued training, degrees or certifications
  • Join the AWS and become a well-informed member of the welding community
  • Share this blog with your friends to spread the word

The welding industry can offer a rewarding opportunity for anyone looking to start their career or change careers. The need for skilled welders is growing and will continue to grow, so don’t miss out your opportunity for a life changing career.

For more information on the welding industry and careers, visit https://www.aws.org/home.

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