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Today we look at Scotch Brite hand pads and Surface Conditioning Discs. This information is based on using a good quality product. Some lesser quality products do not follow the same protocol as good quality providers would.

When using surface conditioning discs, these numbers are based on recommended speeds of 4,000 rpms for course and medium, and 2,000 rpms for fine and above. As you can see from the following chart, these type pads act quite a bit differently on aluminum versus stainless steel.

Color Material Grade RA on Aluminum RA on Stainless Steel Grit Equivalent
White Flint Ultra fine 4-8 2-4 1200-1500
Light Gray Silicon Carbide Super fine 8-12 4-6 20-600
Blue Silicon Carbide Fine 16-35 6-12 220-320
Maroon Aluminum Oxide Medium 80-100 32-40 150-180
Brown Aluminum Oxide Course 130-150 62-72 80-150


BY: Craig Cooley Abrasives Specialist

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