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Have you considered how automation could help you achieve your goals? If you’re experiencing labor shortages, missed schedules and deadlines, inconsistent quality and decreased productivity— automation could be your solution.

With an automated solution, you can increase productivity, improve quality, and avoid costly downtimes. The quality of a weld depends on several factors.  Some of the most critical ones are the integrity of the weld and its consistency. An automated welding system will ensure these weld characteristics meet the desired quality requirements.

Miller Automated Systems

There are a number of different options available for automated welding systems:

PerformArc – If you’re new to automation or expanding your capabilities, PerformArc is a family of pre-engineered, ready-to-weld, robotic MIG (GMAW) and TIG (GTAW) welding cells to meet your business needs.  These systems are fast and easy to implement, even with no previous experience running automated systems. Pre-assembled and pre-wired, you can get to work fast. These systems are backed by 24/7 support.

Jetline Fixed Welding Automation– These systems allow for automated seam/circumferential welding systems that offer flexible solutions, maximizing productivity for high-integrity welds. Simple installation and easy integration into your operation.

Laser Welding Systems– If you need to up your processing speed, a laser welding system may be the right option for you. Laser welding offers a more concentrated heat source, allowing for higher welding rates. Speeds are up to 10 times faster and greatly reduces distortion.

Robotic welding systems can achieve higher production rates considerably reducing production costs. With increased speeds, manufacturing cycle times will decrease, leading to a very fast return on investment.

Additionally, your workplace can become a safer environment.  Employees will not be directly exposed to the typical hazards found in most welding jobs.

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