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Using dry ice has many benefits when it comes to cleaning facilities and/or equipment. Dirt, soot, grease and oil buildup in production facilities can cause machinery to function improperly creating issues downstream not to mention an unsafe working environment. An effective and thorough clean can help extend the lifespan of your investment reducing or eliminating costly repairs, replacement or even rental programs.
• Conveyors
• Forklifts
• General Equipment & Facility
• Floors
• Pipes & Hoses
• Ducting/Ventilation
• Cooling Fans
• Mixers & Baggers
• Motors & Pumps
• Chain Line Systems
• REDUCE CLEANING DOWNTIME: Dry ice is a significantly quicker process which leads to increased production time.
• -ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE: In addition to being clean and safe it is important to remember that dry ice is made from reclaimed CO2. It does not produce additional CO2 to the atmosphere and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. Dry ice cleaning is completely environmentally responsible. NO SECONDARY WASTE.
• NON-ABRASIVE PROCESS-will not dent or scratch surface. Dryice will not create a profile on surface.
• CLEAN IN PLACE; NO COOL DOWN REQUIRED: some cleaning processes require breakdown/downtime to clean hard to get areas by using water, chemicals, scrubbing and scraping. With dryice blasting you eliminate all of these.
By using dry ice blasting not only are parts cleaned in a fraction of the time, there is no damage to product or equipment which also reduces scrap from other inefficient cleaning processes, as well as allowing for increased cycle times between preventative maintenance.
These are just some examples of using dry ice as a means to clean, and some of the advantages of using the Coldjet Blasting System.

By: Mike O’Boyle Account Manager

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